1. A novel planet in our solar system? (October 2002)

  2. Laser beam teleportation
    An Australian-French-German team of physicists has carried out a new experiment of so-called "quantum teleportation" (25 June 2002)

  3. A recent cosmic"Near-Miss" involved good OL'Earth. It's OK to miss an appointment sometimes...
    Our planet barely escapes a collision with a 120m-large asteroid, which remained undetected while it approached our planet (21 June 2002)

  4. Water, they say!
    In the issue of 26 July of Nature,
    it is published that Callisto, one of Jupiter's moons, may hold an underground ocean and evidence of water ice has been detected on Mars.

  5. British Flying Saucer Bureau denies its closure!

  6. Death of stars sheds light on dark Universe
    Slow expansion of young universe confirms early Einstein theory

  7. New evidence for Martian life.
    New research suggest that, indeed, early microbial life appeared at about the same time on Mars as it did on our planet (March 2001)

  8. Southern sky survey finds distant worlds (December 2000)

  9. The dark star is close to Earth : a better story than Star Wars !
    An international team of astrophysicists has recently discovered a brown dwarf or a very low-mass star quite close to us, about 13 light-years away (November 2000)

  10. A high pressure device may help generating new materials.
    It is one more step towards controlled fusion

  11. Is Mars really a dead planet?
    A scientist from Arizona State University estimates that it may hold twice as much water as previously thought

  12. Oxygen on Mars
    New Oxygen machine will let astronauts live on Mars (The Express News May 31, 2000)

  13. Stormy weather within NGC 3783 !
    Chandra detected 1 million mph wind expanding from vicinity of a black hole. NASA News May 25, 2000

  14. Studies on moon soil samples
    meteoroid bombardment of moon coinciding with blossoming of life on Earth

  15. Travelling particules
    Io's volcanoes: a major source of dust in the solar system

  16. A special issue of VSD starts it again: here comes the COMETA report

  17. The French Report on UFOs and Defence : a short presentation

  18. Sept. 18, 1998 : UFO sighted by the "Gendarmerie" and police agents over Seine-Maritime (France)!

  19. JPL Tabbed to develop miniature robots for tomorrow's soldiers

  20. UFO wave in Chile, Aug. 98 ?

  21. Air Force News : Air Force readies itself for 21st century

  22. Air Force News : History behind expeditionary aerospace force concept

  23. The french magazine VSD releases a Special Issue about the UFO problematics

  24. Water detected on the moon (march 98)


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