Amaizing video taped at the Vence Pass
 (Alpes-maritimes) France



In September 2001, Jol Mesnard gave me a video tape made by Patrick L,  April 2nd 2001, at the Vence Pass. In LDLN N: 362 issued in December, J. Mesnard relates the facts :

In the afternoon (2:53 PM), the take-off (fast and vertical) of a white ball was filmed with a VHS Camescope. The phenomena can be seen on ten consecutive different sights. The distance is known with quite a good approximation, which gives a range of the speeding-up. Extremmly brief the phenomena (apparantely quiet) was not observed right away. The diameter of the ball seems to be of 1 meter.
In october, I meet Patrick L. I often go in the Nice area to visit my family . Each time I see Patrick . We several times climbed together over the Vence Pass . I spend many long hours with him and we both had very interesting conversations. I can attest that Patrick is not a cheater neither nor a Tale talker .
Simone, UFOCOM' administrator

Report  of the video analysis


by the ADV 'Ufocom team (in charge of analysing visual documents) . Alain DH, Bertrand P, Simone B, Yves D .

"Come and watch a tape that Jol Mesnard lend me . It's interesting". This is how Simone, our charming administrator told me about the Vence Pass Video .
It was a rainy evening at the beginning of a cold fall . Some tragical events had just happened...I was not in the right mood for analysing UFO documents .
And so what? We in the ADV team, had seen so many video documents, that were up to now completelly disappointing . We should stipulate that all information on a video are, generally speaking, difficult to analyse .
But - Since at Ufocom we are not fast - we are dedicated . Therefore it wouldn't take me too long to visit Simone at her home and watch the famous document .
I watched abstractedly the beginning of the tape .
A harsh landscape could be seen, the very rare trees were leefless (the shot was supposely taken in april). The analysis woul be very difficult .
"It's here" Simone said, "that you will see the first object passing in front of an helicopter" .
The level had hanged . We were still at the Vence Pass, in the middle of a kind of a prairie, and the photographer was following the evolution of an helicopter . I biefly saw something passing in the scope of the camaera .
"The trajectory of this object is too regular" I said, " it's going to be difficult to get something out of it..."
"Wait" Simone answered, "there is still something interesting..."
On screen, we could see that the helicopter wouldn't moove, staying  at a very low height . It seemed it was lookin for something . Finally after 10 minutes, it flew away . But the photographer was still filming the landscape . He finally took a wide shot of the bushes, that were for a while hidding the helicopter .
The sequence was over . My attention was loosening a bit and I had seen nothing . While rewinding slowly the picture I saw the second object : a lighting bowl was coming out of the bushes and was flying straight toward the sky . That is what it looked like on the screen .
"Fascinating..." I could'nt say anything else while I was still absorbed by what was going on the screen .
On the contrary concerning my first impression, we had here so many informations regarding the video . Thus justifying a very serious analysis .
The Ufocom team is happy now to give you the results of this analysis . We hope that will take in account this text with kindness regarding to some of it's possible mistakes . We are "amateurs" with very few means, who try to give the most serious and professional work as they can, without any prejudice at all .
The document is made with a VHS <<Full size>> tape coded in french SECAM . Considering the real but average image quality, we can say it's probably the copy of a 1st generation'original, probably SECAM too .
Recording Contents
The document apparently made by chance has 3 main sequences :
1 . An <<object>> can be seen behind rocks, on the ground .
2 . An helicopter is looking for something in a prairie .
3 . After the helicopter is gone .
Sequences analysis .
Sequence 1
On sequence 1 we can see the very strange "dance" of an helicopter . The average quality of the images made out from the copy we have in our possession, make the reading of the license numbers of the engine impossible . (Perhaps we could identify these numbers from the original tape) . Knowing the license numbers, would help us to find the pilot, and, why not, ask him, just ask him what was he doing in such a desolated landscape .
By the way, we can try to identify the helicopter itself .
Identification of the helicopter



Helicopter still from the video

With no doubt, the engine is a EADS "Squirrel", probably a sole turbine. The helicopter seems to belong to the EDF helicopter's fleet . (EDF = French electricity state company) .


EDF helicopter

Please note that EDF'engines have in their nose a system allowing them to work on high voltage lines . It was not the case of our helicopter.
In the area a private helicopter company named <<Nice Helicopters>> is based . They also have "Squirrel" helicopters .


Helicoper from <<Nice Helicopters>>

This time the similitude is amaizing . Besides, this company is based in a place not far away from the Vence Pass and which from the disatance is equivalent to the self operating system of the engines . We can conclude therefore that the helicopter on our video, belongs to <<Nice Helicopters>> .
Sequence 1 analysis
Let's go back to our video . During this sequence, an <<object>> flies fast, in a few shots, in front of the helicopter . The trajectory of the object follows  line and it's spped is constant .
The real sequence takes 8 images . (40 ms x 8 = 320 ms, thus only 1/3 of a second!) . We have reproduced here 1 image out of 2 .

Sight N 1 of the helicopter

Sight N 2 of the helicopter


There is not much to say about the object . Without any bases, it's impossible to say for instance, if it flies cloth or far away from the camera objective .
Anyhow, we can admit it flies cloth enough from the camera objective . Indeed it seems out of focus, the image has a low visibility since the development is adjusted .
We therefore have here an insect (or ROD) passing by chance at the same time of the helicopter in the sight scope .
Analysis of sequence 2
Sequence 2, right after the helicopter is gone, shows a <<lighting bowl>> that after a while, staying on the same position, suddenly and silently takes off from the bushes which the helicopter had turned around . The object is out of the sight in only for shots .



We can note two things . First of all, the object does take off from the bushes, which gives us the scale . Then this object speeds up so fast, before being out of the camera . The video sequence will help us to give measures to the movement, in terms of spedd and acceleration .
Important notes : Dear reader, please note, it is because, we think the object pops out from the bushes, that we can give a study with figures herunder . On the contrary, we couldn't give any suitable estimation . (A sight camera as well as the human eye, gives only angle informations, as explained in a previous article) .
On the other hand, during the analysis, we will ignore a dimension-the z oriented camera/bushes' axe-because we can onlys tudy the projected image on the CCD level of the camera . Whatever, a fast moove of the object as z would only upraise the already high values...
We will start with the trajectory projected on the CCD level .Crossing image after image, the position of the object barycenter and after we compare it with a steady detail of the image in order not to take in account the camera's movement, we can therefore give the objects trajectory in x and y :


Looking with the eye the trajectory looked spherical, wich wassingular . On the graphic scale, we represented in abscise (x ax) the image sequence number and in ordinate (y ax), the object barycenter's coordinates, given in pixels .
We can see that the the object doesn't moove much in x . A polynomial decrease shows that the trajectory in y is a little bit more complex than a simple spherical object...
Let's now make an evaluation of the object' dynamics . To give figures of speed and acceleration, we need to scale . We have considered that the object comes out of the bushes and by the way, we know that the top of the trees are at ten meters high (we checked it) . We can thus evaluate the growing of the objectif and make an estmation of the size of one pixel projected on the image . Then comesthe speed and the acceleration of the object, an image after the other .


It's amaizing to see that the object goes from a "0" level speed to 160 meters / second, meaning 590 Km / hour in only 160 meters / second .
Comments on sequence 2
We first have to make sure that the lighting bowl is not a video artefact . For instance a spectacular reflexion of which the image' movement would be induced by the movement from the camescope' lens . While we carefully study the video, during the sequence we see that the focal is stable (the zoom is not running) . By the way at that time the camera is quite unshakable .
This is not a final proof, but we can therefore think that the object taken by the camera is real .
Then we should face the eventuality, that we are facing a natural phenomena inducing such a situation . We for instance think of the lightning bowl or something of the same kind .
Why not ? But what could explain such an enormus speed up - and steadily growing - that's in this bowl .
We will go on taking under consideration that we are dealing with an object made by human main kind . The enormus speed up (up to 186 G) doesn't lead us in that direction . And mainly, the fast growing of the accelaration of this object in the air, bothers us, because such a behaviour is far away of our technologic means . Because if we still can produce such a value of accelaration  (in a canon for exemple), nothing exists on earth - up to what we know now - that can give <<an accelarated speed up>> to a body .
We will finally have to talk about the ufo possibility . If and only if we have rejected the three first steps . The photographer taking the video would have by pure chance taken a fast ufo take-off .
It seems that the lighting intensity of the bowl grows as well as it's own accelaration grows up after a light smoke screen has started . Would that be a propulsion system ?
The study of this video is very interesting . However we don't have the right to make any errors in the analysis of this document . Indeed, we are tempted to make the affirmation that the phenomena taken in sequence 2 has no rationnal explaination . And then having the irrefutable proof of the existence of a Unidentified Flying Object .
In this context, we can also ask to ourselves, what was the reason to sea an helicopter staying there just a little time before the object' take-off . The probability that he was there by pure chance, and in such a desoalated landscape, is really weak .
Please, think about it ...


Translated from french by Philippe
January 2004

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