The case "Tony Woods"

by Alain H, ADV team


For over one year, Ufocom has been receiving a large number of videos taped in south England by a gentleman named Tony Woods. Numerous letters and mails led us to believe that we were not facing a hoax. About one year ago, the author of this paper visited Tony Woods: He is now convinced that Tony Woods is sincere.

Ufocom keeps on analyzing the relevant documents and will keep you informed of these observations..


As an introduction to this study, let's recall briefly the three main types of observed UFOs:

A. Objets remaining at very high altitude, estimated size of several hundreds meters (triangular, cylindrical). Generally not moving, they may disappear in less than one second at an incredibly high speed. We do not have pictures of these objects, only testimonies.

B. Objects moving close to the ground or in the atmosphere, estimated size 3 m to 100 m (saucers, spheres, triangles, miscellaneous). Hundreds of pictures of these "stuffs" exist. They may behave very differently one from another (speed from 0 to over Mach 20, incredible maneuvers, on the spot disappearance, colored halos, possibly noise, sometimes smell, light beams, passengers, etc.).

C. Objects never seen on the ground, seen at altitudes in between a few meters to 2,000 m, size raging from 10 cm to 1m (almost exclusively spherical). They behavior is most often linear, with no surprising moves.

As a comparison, most of our flying machines may fall into these categories.

A – Cargo, troop transporters, liners, balloons, zeppelins, rockets, etc.

B – Fighter planes, private planes, helicopters, motorized ultra-light aircraft, parachutes, spacecraft, etc.

C – UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: aircraft with no pilot), kites, satellites, weather balloons, etc. Note that UAVs have been developed mostly for two reasons: signal relaying and espionage. This later category is aimed at the monitoring of the territory of the adversary at high altitude and also at exploring villages or even buildings in the most concealed way (for more information on this point, see


As one can see, the mankind spirit has well understood the interest of these categories of aircrafts. For each of them, it has generated a large diversity of machines, whether one considers shape, lifting device or engines. The diversity of UFOs in our skies may therefore be explained in the same way.

UFOs belonging to categories A and B have been reported for years. On another hand, UFOs from category C only appeared during WWII as "foo-fighters", and have later disappeared for years. They were even reports that these may be novel nazi weapons.


People have been reporting spheres of light only for the last years (since 1998). While the spheres observed during WWII often followed fighter planes, and were reported by the pilots, our today spheres are mostly observed from the ground and taped using video cameras. A Japanese group has specialized itself in tracking of these spheres and even succeeded in taking pictures of this phenomenon (

These spheres appear to have numerous common features:

Some unusual behaviors are sometimes reported:

The spinning, reddish object with a sort of The triangular formation, rotating

These spheres are taped in a recurrent fashion by a few persons that seem to have learnt how to spot them in the sky.

Two reasons may be proposed:

We know of 4 British, one US, and one Australian citizens who are all tapping similar objects, exhibiting similar behaviors. Mexico is also a place frequently visited by the spheres.

What can we add to these observations?

All the above is not favoring the authenticity of the reported light spheres, however, it should be stressed that these were seen by eye-witness, high in the sky, while RODS have never been seen under those conditions.

The multiple expositions of one given object on the same figure may lead to unrealistic interpretation and estimations of their size. RODS may sometime appear to be located behind another object seen in the field of the camera (tree, wires, poles, etc.). Also, estimated speed of RODS may be erroneous as the evaluation of this parameter most often does not take in account the close distance of the insect to the lens of the camera.


The renown Midway Cave in New Mexico, where parachute jumps have been taped. One can see a ROD on this picture
Here is an example proposed by RODS amateurs suggesting that the insect size may reach several meters, a value deduced from the fact that the insect appears to be behind the electrical wires located meters away.
Another example of "multimeter-long" RODS. The size of this one has been estimated to be over 10m as it appears obviously behind the wires located some 10 m away. A few RODS examples



Image shown par people believing that a very large saucer move behind the arm of the space shuttle Image taken from the NASA site, where large amounts of dust can be seen floating in space.
  • Before stating that the witnesses are misinterpreting their observations, even 9 out of 10 times, one should make the effort of analyzing these various objects, and admit that they can be most often very easily identified. Of course, a plane flying at a high altitude, with sun reflections on the fuselage may be seen as two shinny spheres, totally separated. But a few seconds later, with the reflection angle changing, it becomes easily identifiable as a plane. Anybody with good vision ability (10/10) can discern a liner, whatever its altitude, up to 11 000 meters...
  • In addition, whatever its altitude and speed, a plane will appear to cross the visible sky from one horizon to the other in a limited time, often less than two minutes.

    Light spheres may keep maneuvering in the sky for over two hours.


    Picture of the "controlled objects", taken on a long exposure by Pierre Vieroudy (an alias)
  • Our contact in the United Kingdom is more and more convinced that there is a relationship between his psychological status – or his current activity – and the observation of illuminated spheres. He refuses to believe, however, that he might be somehow "responsible" for their apparitions.
  • Within this scheme, and if this hypothesis bears some truth, one can understand that it may not be worth going to the home of the witnesses to stay with him for several days, hoping to be "there" for the observation. Indeed, the psychological process that might be related to this observation would not take place under such circumstances..

  • However, neither Christopher Martin nor Mexico (to our knowledge) nor the Japanese group of people involved in similar observations are living near military facilities. Additionally, Chris Miller said he observed "spheres" as he was not living close to military installations. And Pierre Vieroudy did not provide any data on the places where he made his observations, and did not provide his real name.
  • Conclusions

    These illuminated spheres might behave as passive "observation machines", predominantly seen around places where hi-tech research on military device and radar are made.

    Until now, we cannot understand from where these spheres are coming, and why do they behave as observed (turning triplicates, pulsing pairs, nacelle, "expulsion" of another sphere, appearance / disappearance on the spot, massive fleets, etc.)

    The possibility that these spheres be of human origin, and in charge of monitoring or aimed at testing new technologies, does not agree with the observation that they may disappear on the spot. One may propose that these could have been microUAVs, the purpose of which is to survey foe facilities, to enter buildings or to travel village streets. These are remote radio-controlled equipment, fitted with a camera, and able to move at very low speed. The first research project on such device called for tiny aircraft, about 20 cm wide. Due to the limited "payload" of such objects, the relevant US programs eventually proposed to increase the size of such machines up to 60 cm.

    If one accepts the idea that the US Army, and particularly the US Air Force has been owning "secret" planes for years, capable of extraordinary flight speed and performance (Aurora, MotherShip, TR-3B, Black Manta, SR-75, XR-7…), one may also believe that this army has also developed other aircraft, for other purpose. Obviously, the US Army and the relevant department has just started investigating the development of microUAVs, a feature which let us suppose that the problem has not been solved yet.

    As a note, state-of-the-art research have lead to considerable progress in the fields of plasma torch (suppression of critical heat walls, commercial developments in the field of ballistic missiles, hi-speed torpedoes, etc.) and micro-wave antennas (capable to accelerate aircraft in a one hundred fold proportions). A last topic where impressive advances have been made is MHD propulsion, though nobody yet has succeeded in developing power generators that can be sufficiently small, light and powerful to board an aircraft prototype.

    A common feature of the observation of spheres is their obvious homogeneity. This suggest that these spheres might be "look-alike machines" seen at various places over the planet, as if an exotic technology had spread noticeably all over our skies..

    The only other strange vehicle observed all over the globe is the black triangle (or FT for flying triangle). In this respect, one cannot exclude that this item might be a troop transport aircraft developed by the US Army. Should this machine be of ET origin, it would be tempting to link the existence of the illuminated sphere with this machine, though both have never been observed at the same place and the same time.

    Regarding radar, one should mention, in addition to the Roswell case, that the power race in the field of radar at the time of the Roswell case has been said to be dictated by a will to use this technology to intercept the UFOs. The US Army appeared to have understood that radar interfered with the flight characteristics of these objects, and may allow them to force them "to land". Let’s also recall that radar locks originating from the Belgian F-16 planes during the UFO flap of the ‘90s systematically led to responsive, evasive maneuvers of the UFOs...

    If the above is true, and if we agree that radar are far more efficient than fighter planes or missiles to perturb the flight of UFOs, one can understand that these UFOs be interested in priority in the monitoring of our technological advances within the radar field. Indeed, the flight abilities of UFOs are sufficient to set up evasive maneuvers in response to any other threats originating from our technology.

    A radar signal is propagated at the speed of light, may be directed in any directions, almost instantaneously (phase array radar), and generate enormous power at very long distance (over 100 km). As a note, the HAARP is somehow a sort of giant radar system. As a consequence, if intelligent entities came on earth, a brief analysis of our technical abilities should rapidly led them to conclude that the only device that should be checked are our radar installations and the relevant research centers. Regarding all other offensive means that we have, they would understand that their technology is very capable to withstand our attacks leaving them comfortable safety allowances. Mother Nature, however, might be mean to the putative visitors. Lightnings generated by T-storms propagate themselves at speed estimated to be up to 600,000 kmh (160 km per sec.). And indeed, in the book by Philip Corso, devoted to Roswell, it is written that radars were not involved in the so-called crash, which rather resulted from the severe T-storms that have been affecting this region for hours.

    And back to our spheres, if you have any other elements or explanation, or if you wish to share additional explanations, please do not hesitate to contact us to give us your opinion.


    Alain H

    UFOCOM - February 2002


    Translated from French by Yves

    March 2002

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