1. "Hunt for the skinwalker" : A new challenge for the ET Hypothesis
    by Gildas Bourdais (november 2006)

  2. Roswell. Inquiries, Secrecies and Disinformation
    by Gildas Bourdais (february 2004)

  3. What about Dr Leir’s implants ?
    by Gildas Bourdais (february 2003)

  4. Secret American Space Planes and Planet Earth Domination
    by Thierry Wathelet and Yves, IA & SCI teams (february 2003)

  5. Area 51 exists, says an officer from the french Air Force
    by Yves, Science team (october 2002)

  6. From GEPAN to SEPRA: official UFO studies in France
    Article for the International UFO Reporter , proposed by Gildas Bourdais (May 2002)

  7. The 10th Symposium on UFOs at San Marino
    By Gildas Bourdais (April 2002)

  8. The skeptics and their arguments
    By Gildas Bourdais (March 2002)

  9. COMETA : we get mails ... (4)
    A. Boudier and J.G. Greslé sent us a few commentaries (November 2001)

  10. UFOS: The gradual release of secrecy
    Summary of  Gildas Bourdais' book, published in July 2001
    under the French title "OVNIS: La levée progressive du secret"

  11. Exotic weapon systems (2) - Electomagnetic pulse and UFOs
    Is there any relation between UFOs and electromagnetic weapons?
    By Yves, Science team (March 2001)

  12. Exotic weapon systems (1) – planes and other flying objects
    An issue of the magazine « Air Forces » dedicated to the USAF prototypes and drafts
    By Alain H and Yves, ADV and Science teams (January 2001)

  13. COMETA : we get mails ... (2)
    An article you should have read...normally (September 1999)

  14. COMETA : we get mails ... (1)
    Militaro-ufologic turmoil in France

  15. Brain chemistry and " altered state of consciousness "
    Brain, drugs, and abduction 
    By Alain H and Yves, ADV and Science teams  (October 1999)

  16. The Malmstrom Incident (USA, 1967) : a witness reports
    An incredible incident over an ICBM base
    An interview by Thierry Wathelet (1998)

  17. The extraordinary adventures of a non-conventional researcher : Aimé Michel
    A wonderful paper by Aimé Michel, published in Planète #20 (January 1965)
    Proposed by Greg (March 1998)

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