An Ummite document claims Yumma, the central star of the Ummo system, to be Wolf 424. The Hubble Space Telescope studied this star and allowed the Ufocom to check this Ummite assertion.

The data

For the first time the HST imaged the double star Wolf 424 AB -14.3 light-years away- of which both components are supposed to be black dwarfs of nearly equal magnitude. The visual magnitude (that is from Earth) of the couple is about 12.5, so they are visible with a small telescope, but the components are less than 0.5" apart, thus the HST was necessary to efficiently distinguish between them. They seem to orbit about 2 AU apart (astronomical unit: Sun-Earth distance), 300 millions kilometres. The total mass is 14.2% of the Sun's.

Birth of a star

What is a black dwarf? To summarise, it is an unfinished proto-star. The large hydrogen clouds in galaxies sometimes become gravitationally unstable, and then collapse. Matter collapses up to such an extent that central temperature and pressure can start nuclear reactions. Meanwhile, a small part of the peripheral cloud stays in stable orbits, where the components slowly clamp. Asteroids and comets finally get formed if there is enough matter.

Black dwarfs

One can easily imagine that if the mass of the initial gas cloud is small, the central gravitational pressure will be too weak to light nuclear reactions and you get a hot gas sphere: a black dwarf. "Hot", but in fact very cold compared to a real star: a kind of big Jupiter.

In such a condition, the little matter remaining in the false-star orbit is not able to create planets. The cloud residue stays as a cloud. There is probably grain formation, maybe asteroids, but no more. Anyway if a planet were formed, it would be very small, and surely not capable of holding an atmosphere because of the small gravity. Moreover, such a cold "star" would certainly not support life. Furthermore, this is a double star, which has components rotating around each other. That would imply a planet with a very complex orbit having both close and far positions compared to the stars, with enormous climatic variations on the surface, surely not favourable for life.

Letter information

Effectively the letters announce a "cold" star, but never say about a double star. According to these letters, Ummo is bigger than Earth. Nevertheless, Earth must already be a "big" planet: it is the biggest non-gaseous one in the Solar System. Thus it seems difficult to imagine a bigger body around such a light star system. These letters also state that Ummo orbits in an ellipse of 0.07833 eccentricity (almost a circle), in 3.8 years. Thus there is another problem: A planet running around two similar stars can not have an elliptic orbit, but its movement would look like a chaotic trajectory. If the planet were far away from the couple (thus very cold), or at the contrary very close to one of the stars (very hot!), the orbit could *look* like an ellipse (but we have a five decimal-precision value!). Nevertheless, in both cases, the year would be very different of 3.8 years.


Even without taking into account the contradictions with the letter information, this quick analysis points out that if the Ummo planet exists, it does surely not orbit around Wolf 424. The Ummites have always been confusing us, mixing up information an lie...


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