The french magazine VSD releases a Special Issue about the UFO problematics.

UFO's : The scientific evidences


The popular french magazine "VSD" is one of the most read in France. In july 98, they published a special UFO issue. It was a real surprise! The evidence is : if you give a journalistic enquiry to competent people, you will have good things at the end. Thanks to the chief redactor, Mr Bernard Thouanel.

No gibe, no fantasms. Just facts. Nothing less, nothing more. A lot of serious people have been interviewed : militaries, pilots, scientists and other specialists and officials. I've been very interested by the testimony of the Cdt Yves Meelbergs, interception mission leader, during the famous night of march 30th 1990, when two belgian F-16 were sent to "hunt" an UFO.

This issue is a hit! You can, if you want, buy this special issue by contacting :

G.S. Presse,
79-83 Rue Baudin
TÚl. : 33(01) Fax : 33(01)

It cost 29 FF (5 $)


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