UFOCOM is an informal and unofficial group of people, our legal status being close to that of a group of friends meeting to play cards! We do not have headquarters, we do not own or rent an office, we do not hold a bank account. UFOCOM members work from their homes and sometimes afterhours at the workplace, using available material. Each member supports whatever costs he may incur, such as phone bills, faxes and even investigations! There is no member fee, we do not ask for any, and obtaining any money whatsoever from anyone would place us at fault with respect to our moral status. In other words, UFOCOM HAS NOTHING TO BUY AND NOTHING TO SELL. It is our opinion that mixing money with our investigations in the context of such a controversial topic would be inappropriate. Obviously, this occasionally calls for personal sacrifice.

Secondly, our work is carried out exclusively on the rational and scientific levels, contrary to various sects, as well as to ufologists of the exotic or mystical type. We do not consider ourselves to be ufologists. We are simple investigators who conduct studies, mainly on three levels: field investigation, administrative investigation, and scientific research. We are organized as follows:

a) The coordinators

- 1 Coordinator
- 1 Scientific coordinator
- 1 Investigations coordinator
- 1 "Visual Data Alalysis" Coordinator

b) The teams

- "Science"
- "Investigations" : administrative investigation, investigtion on well-defined topics: Belgian wave, Roswell, Ummo, etc.
- "Visual Data Analysis"
- "Translations"

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