Each and every study is by its very nature "a piece of science". Starting from this assertion, it seems to us absurd to address a problem as complex as the UFO problem without the help of scientists. Surprisingly, many associations investigating the UFO phenomenon - if not most of them - do not share this view and they do not work with scientists. This makes the validity of their work doubtful.

The main objective of the people at UFOCOM is to address the study of the UFO phenomenon using a scientifically acceptable approach. Everybody, including my 10 yr.-old son, can now gather and publish unverified observations. But propagating questionable "scoops" and propagating serious data is not the same thing! To me this seems obvious. On the other hand, criticizing a study without first thoroughly going over it is a sign of smugness and vanity.

As far as we are concerned, the acronym UFO simply means "unidentified flying objects". No extra terrestrial connotation is intended. The putative E.T. origin of so-called UFO is only a hypothesis! It cannot be rejected a priori. But we never exclude the possibility that a UFO might be terrestrial in origin. Too bad if the vendors of intergalactic fantasies aren't happy with this ...

Our methods are simple :

1. Observation, in the broad sense of the term.

2. Collected data is evaluated as thoroughly as possible.

3. Interpretation of verified data.

At UFOCOM, we try to progress step by step, slowly but steadily. We do not want to leave the door open to people like RaŽl or Jimmy Guieu. Neither, on the other hand, do we buy the "official" explanations so generously provided by the dream-vendors.

The UFO question must be regarded in a cool, open-minded fashion. It needs to be analyzed in a logical way. (Now there's a remark that would give pleasure to Mr. Spock ; -)). Such is the path we intend to follow. And of course, we will make mistakes: we don't claim to be infallible. Humility is important here ... but humility is not synonymous with giving up.


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