British Flying Saucer Bureau denies its closure !


Founder/Chairman Denis P. Plunkett denies closure :

Ufo Magazine

Letter to the Editor (excerpt)

May I say how shocked I was on opening my June issue of Ufo Magazine to discover that an event which started off with an innocent remark to a local reporter, that the British Flying Saucer Bureau was suspending lectures this summer, had been dramatically transformed later by a national journalist * into closure of the BFSB, news which subsequently created such a furore around the world.

I wish to categorically state that at no time, either to local or national newspapers, or during radio and television interviews, did I say anything which could be misconstrued as closure of the oldest established FS/UFO organisation in the world.


Denis P. Plunkett

*Simon de Bruxelles:

"The Times", April 23rd



Communicated by Jose

July 2001

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